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health stone Health Stone
Made with a special soap stone used especially for cooking meat,fish and vegetables without the use of fats or oils,instead,using the natural occurring elements within the food itself as a natural non-stick agent.

We can cut custom stone to your specification to fit your barbecue or any cooking surface.

all granite Granite
Granite has proven its resiliancy through time, making it a natural choice for countertops, flooring, staircases and much more. Offered in a vaste selection of colors in order to make your home naturally beautiful.

all granite Quartz Surfaces
Quartz-based surfaces are non-porous, low maintenance, durable as well as superior in strength and flexibility.
We sell caesarstone quartz.
all exterior stone Exterior Stone
Indiana Limestone, St-Marc Flagstone, and Flamed Granite for exterior steps, walkways and window sills.
all marble Marble
Our marble is offered to you in standard tile sizes or customized sizes be it for flooring, counter/vanity tops or fireplace mantles. Choose from a wide range of colors carefully selected from all over the world to accomodate different styles and tastes.

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